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This website was created to showcase my fascination with some of the oldest historical landmarks made my man.

About This Collection

These images are a collection of photos i took in 2018 during a trip to Egypt for vacation. It will showcase the various wonders of Egypt, specfically focusing on the ancient wonders carved throughout history and my own unique points of interest. This collection will serve as a real account of my time spent there and what i learnt from this trip.

Pyramids of Egypt

Great Pyramid of Giza

This pyramid shown above is the largest of the 3 pyramids of Giza, this was my first stop on my trip to Egypt. This is a picture of all 3 of the Pyramids together: Pyramids of Giza. As you can see the pyramids are kind of anti-climatic, my interest lies in the way humans dating back to around 3000BC were able to move huge stones and build such an enormous structure.

Historical Sites

Luxor Temple

This temple dates back to 1200-1300BC, this was in my opinion one the most beautiful attractions out of the lot and should not be missed.

Abu Simbel

This attraction has 2 temples dating back to 1300BC, both temples were actually submerged underwater because of the rising waters of the Nile River. The temple was renewed and salvaged in the 1960s.

Karnak Temple

This attraction actually is a city of temples and dates back to around 2000BC, it is the largest religious building every made.

Common Features

Ancient Columns

Columns are extremely common during ancient egypt, columns like this were located at almost every attraction i visited. All columns were highly decorated with hierroglyphs and were generally shaped like papyrus, lotus or palm.


One thing you notice instantly is that every structure, from the smallest statue to the biggest walls of ancient egypt would have hieroglyps covering the entirety of their structures, these hieroglyps depicted stories mainly of the gods.

About Me


Bhavish Harjani

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All images were captured by me during my Trip in early 2018, above is a selfie with the Great Sphix of Giza. The collection will be available to view Live Here.